Hagic Review: The only stylish smart watch can last up to 15 days

Wrist watch, to most people, has long lost its functionality ever since the first appearance of cell phones. Its first and the foremost function is to show time and show off. Aside of adding some extra points to the casual eyes, it generally doesn’t giving much values. Cell phone, on the other hand, is almost totally replacing the function of old school watches. However, most people still prefer to wear a watch due to the general acknowledgement of physical perfection. Also, a quicker way to conveniently learn about the time.

It may be obsolete, but to men, it is a display of social status and wealth.

In the world today, in cooperate with cutting-edge technology, a smart watch seems to be a modern way of, not just displaying time but also your fashion. Almost like a smartphone, but in watch version, smartwatch like Apple Watch and Samsung Gear isn’t as popular as their smartphones siblings. The reason is simply because of the similar functions on both devices. There’s no point of having a smartphone, and a smartphone on your wrist again right?

But here comes the turning point, wrist watch intuitive displays time immediately without needing of pressing buttons/screen. Secondly, it lasts long, durable, water proof (usually) and without giving you much problems. Also, it embodies the excellent craftsmanship and shows your relationship with time. On the contrary, smartwatch requires charging few days once (or hours) and is almost as expensive as smartphones.

With that being said, here is a long battery life smartwatch of 2017.

Hagic smartwatch – Long battery life

Hagic is a smartwatch with long battery life that lasts up to 15 days. Partner with Ticwatch, It supports features like voice actions, heart beats, GPS, NFC instant pay, and more. Like others smartwatches, you can dial, message, stopwatch, calculate, play music, fitness activity, etc. It has hundreds of downloadable watch faces to display the current time that fit your style.

The cool part, simply lifting your hand to check the time!



Built with 350 mAh battery capacity, which normally last for about 2 days on normal smartwatches. But Hagic battery saving mode is customisable from 10% – 30% so that you can have a longer battery life that up to 15 days.


Hagic is a modern smartwatch that has a minimalistic appearance. You can choose from a variety of color options upon purchase. Over hundred of downloadable watch faces giving you ability to customise the look of the watch that fit you best. For straps, you can choose either genuine leather straps or silicon straps.


Powered by Snapdragon Wear 2100, Hagic featuring the 325 PPL resolution to give you a clearer, better and faster smartwatch experience. Also, the OLED display is 1.2″ in size that made of 390 x 390 pixel AMOLED screen and Corning Gorilla Glass3. Which not just suitable for outdoor use, but is durable and resist to physical damage and scratches. You can connect Hagic to your smart devices via bluetooth 4.1.

Designed as your right hand man, Hagic built with dynamic optical heart rate sensor, gyroscope, acceleration sensor and GPS. The operating system is using the Ticwear OS which is one of the best watch operation system and able to pair seamlessly with iOS and Android.

Price and Discount

In overall, Hagic is much cheaper than the branded smartwatches in the market, which selling for about $350 – $400. Hagic is now available at only $159, while you can save up to 36% from their $249 future retailing price. The quantities is limited, you can visit the link below to their official campaign to check the availability and take the advantages as an early bird.

Hagic Smartwatch

Hagic Smartwatch












            • Long battery life — customisable power mode.
            • Snapdragon Wear 2100 CPU.
            • Ticwear OS operation system.
            • Hundreds of watch faces.
            • Useful system of NFC, GPS, heart rates, sencers, etc.


            • Lack of styles and options.