Heatbuff Review – No more cold hands

Everyone loves gaming, ever since we were little kids, we’ve played countless of games. You don’t play games you say? actually you did. Counting from toy dolls, boardgames, mini-games, PlayStation console, video games, up to smartphone’s games, just to name a few. Oh yeah, never forget the moment of you grabbing the toys and yelled at your mom.

It’s the nature of mankind to look for something relaxing and entertaining, instead of just hunting for basic needs, such as food, shelter, money for bills, etc. Indeed, we’ve learned that those are important but stressful stuff that we need to earn for a living, but we ain’t robot. we need some sort of ways to de-stress ourselves and express our deep emotions.

Nowadays, a lots of kids addicted to video games or smart device’s games (I’m an adult but i love video games too!) and played for long hours. Don’t get me wrong, as long as it doesn’t affect their daily routine, that’s nothing wrong with gaming. In facts, playing video games have been found to increase one’s memory, better coordination, sharpen decision making and more.

With that being said, let’s talk in gamer’s language.

The problem – Cold hands while gaming

There’re lot of hot online games that we played — Counter Strike, Overwatch, Dota 2, League of Legends, Left 4 Dead and more. Also known as eSport, take one for example, Dota 2 is one of the hottest games with millions dollars of price pool as the reward for the tournament wining team, which makes its increasing popularity seemingly more reasonable over the recent years.

To gamers, it’s all about mouse, keyboard, computer gears that matters. Just like any other sports, a split-second of accuracy may overturn the matches, making win to lose. One of the problem that gamers faces over years is the cold hands during gaming. It has nothing to do with your health, but is a normal reaction that your body would secrete more adrenaline (hormone) when you get nervous/excited/scared and autonomously initiate the fight-or-flight mechanism in your body. Resulting in lesser blood flow through your hands. That’s why gamers would feel colder in the exact same room that they used for practice, but for important matches instead.

No matter you’re a professional or amateur player, cold hand will freeze up your reaction speed, coordination, make you feel uncomfortable and will significantly affects your performance. It means alot when you’re dealing with some rare bosses and time-limited events, or even makes you the loser in a professional gameplay.

Solution to gaming with cold hands

The existing solution to cold hands/fingers gaming is not much from just a gamer gloves. For example, we have seem a lot gamers gloves in Amazon for professional use. In reality, they might be useful in some extent, but mostly are not feasible for practical uses. It affects your fingers/hands reaction speed greatly, and gets no love from gamers.

Alternatively, the other common method is an air-activated hand warmers as a small bag to rub against. It temporarily warms up your hands for blood circulation. Hand warmers is widely used in most of the professional eSport, players used it only when they felt cold in hands, and is not a permanent solution.

However, instead of those, here we have something new and cool for gamers, which made by gamers.

Heatbuff by Envavo

Heatbuff is a workstation that place in front of the keyboard to heat up your hand, as well as your performance. It uses harmless infrared wave to keep your hands warm without heating the gaming gears like the keyboard.


Using the infrared technology in its finest, Envaco Heatbuff emits infrared waves that warm your hand up to a perfect temperature, even if you sit in a chilly environment. It looks like a desk lamp with adjustable angle, but it’s safe to touch without heat up itself or the keyboard. Therefore, you hands will remain warm. Not just made for gamers, Heatbuff can also be used for office workers to type faster.

Heatbuff produces no noise and does not overheating your hands. Designed for long hours use, it is energy saving and will go up to an optimum temperature in just a few minutes. For better transportation, it’s designed to be able to fold compact and carry with ease.

There’s no extra moving parts in Heatbuff, all you need to do is simply plug the power port to the wall outlet, turn the power on, and game mode on. No hassle.

Buy and Price

Heatbuff by Envavo is now on Kickstarter starting from $60. You can enjoy a big discount price off retail (up to 40%) by pledging from their early bird promotional packages. Check the link below to their Kickstarter page.

This product is not available on Amazon and eBay currently.














            • Safe infrared wave for accurate temperature.
            • Energy saving.
            • No noise.
            • Easy to use and foldable.


            • Lack of adjustable "high" or "low" modes.
            • No protection for mouse's hand.