LectroFan micro Review

Sleep, the most comfortable word ever heard after a day long of working. Sleeping does not just relax and rejuvenate our body, but also relieve stresses and fatigue in our mind.

Just right before getting into bed, a common bedtime routine of adult, listen to music before sleep. The truth is, listening to calming music lifts your mood and help to sleep better. It frees you mind from disturbance and “tunes” your heartbeat to the music.

For those of you who lives in the urban city may not be able to enjoy the quietness in the town. Noise and disturbances that comes from nowhere always disrupt your sleep, even worse, ruin your sleep. In long term, frequent bad or disturbed sleeps can relate to some medical conditions and make your daytime performance and productivity goes down to the drain.

On the other hand, the other kind of sleep disturbance is inability to sleep, such as insomnia. Instead of zero noise, some may prefer weak sound from fan or air conditioner, or better known as fan sleepers.

Here is a great gadget that produce variety of sounds to help you sleep better.

LectroFan – Micro, Wireless Sound Machine With A Twist


LectroFan Micro is a wireless sound machine that produce variety of fan sounds to help you fall asleep faster. It has 10 unique non-repeat algorithm sounds, including 5 fan sounds, 4 white noise, and one ocean sound. Doubles as a speaker, LectroFan plays your favourite music by syncing to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Each full charge brings you 16 hours of continuous sleep sounds, or 6 hours of audio (music) sound. LectroFan effectively mask up the disturbing noise and gives you a more restful night.

Sounds of Choice

Unlike some other recorded repeating sound device, LectroFan offers a more natural sound system from its algorithm sounds system. So, never sounds the same. Comes with 5 fan sounds for fan sleepers, 4 pure white noises for masking, and 1 oceanic sound for any of your reading or relaxing bull session.

Clearing some awkward moment or talk in privacy, LectroFan produces a perfect background sound that kept your conversation privatised. No matter is talking to your personal doctor, lawyer, friends or family, this little device does all the masking for you.

Design and Features

LectroFan is small and portable. One of the biggest advantage is that, it can be cord or cordless. At home, simply snap it to a USB cable and place it on the nightstand, and enjoy your new peaceful night. At outdoor, slip it into your suitcase or backpack, make every night in the hotel ambience sounds more familiar. Roadwork, city traffic, crying baby, party or weird noises will never disturb you again.

The previous version of LectroFan only allow uni-directional sound (upward). And now, the swivel design offers users to spin or twist to any direction you want for better sounding experience.

LectroFan features an intuitive control analog buttons, stay simple, no more complicated control system. The striking buttons show on/off, play/stop, volume up/down, and next/previous.

HD Speaker

Just like any of your portable wireless speaker, LectroFan is long lasting up to 6 hours of playtime. The hi-fidelity audio is a plus for this device, simply connect to your smartphone and use it for things that you already been doing now such as listening to music, audio book, video calls, etc. The two power options (wired or wireless) is another great selling point for this portable speaker.

LectroFan syncs to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Make sure you charge it full (lasts for 6 hours), so that to enjoy the fun later.

Price, Color and Availability

LectroFan is now available on Amazon, you can check the latest price via the link below to the page. It is currently offered in only white and black colors.














            • 10 unique sleep sounds.
            • Multi-direction swivel design.
            • Wireless Bluetooth speaker.
            • Long lasting rechargeable battery — 16 hours playtime.
            • Noise masking — protect your privacy.
            • Two power options — USB cable or wireless.


            • Not loud as expect.
            • short cord.