Pebby Review: The World’s Most Advanced Robotic Pet Sitter

Dog, man’s best friend, spent most of their lifetime playing, eating, sleeping, and also waiting. Dog’s loyalty is undoubted. There’re lots of heart touching stories about dogs who have waited years for their never-return owners. You may love your furry kids as much as part of the family, but each morning you stepped out for work, they spend hours and hours of time waiting. And after a long boredom, it finally sees you and wags its tail for your return. But you were too tired for the games, head straight to the bed instead, and repeat the next day.

Once in a while, you play with them. If your dog loves fetch game, try this slingshot that shoots 100-ft while maximised the mid-air floating time.

Most of the toy in the market that claimed to keep them busy are mostly ineffective. Here is the 14 ways to keep your dog busy while you are at work. Just like human, they’ll need someone to interact with them, robot just can’t do the job. So there must be a better way to play with your dog/cat even if you’re not physically at home.

Pebby – A Smart Collar and Ball System

Pebby is a pet’s tracking system that allows to remotely interact with your pet. It features a monitoring system of your pet’s activity at home, and double as an auto-entertainment ball that plays with your dog/cat. This technology comes in four main components — Pebby smart ball, motion sensing smart collar, wireless charging dock (PebbyKennel), and Pebby mobile app.

Pebby – Smart Ball

Pebby is a spherical ball with 80mm in diameter, it connects to the Pebby app on your smart devices via bluetooth and Wifi. It allows owner to control the ball to interact with their furry friends, and snaps/records the precious moment with the built-in 720p camera. Pebby also integrates with a built-in speaker and mic, so that you can talk and listen to your pet on the other side. Pebby offers a wide-angle fisheye lens for better photo and video, and instantly, you can share it on your social platforms.

Also, Pebby is anti-shock and water-proof!

Pebby offers a 2550 mAh lithium ion battery for roughly a 90min of active playtime, it could last up to 12 hours in standby mode. It moves at a speed up to 1 m/s.

The outer casing is made of polycarbonate which is durable and safe for dog’s bites. With EASYfix interchangeable cap, you can choose your favourite color that fits your style from a variety of great designs upon purchase. Pebby has a multi-color LED headlights for you to control in the dim or even in a completely dark room.

Too busy for the day? Simply turn on the auto-play function in your smartphone, and let your pet go crazy with Pebby until drop. Pebby interacts with the RRF beacon signal from the collar and follow it restlessly. As a pet owner, we know pet (mostly cat) are irresistible to laser games, thus Pebby has an in-built laser pointer that is safe to both human and pet, and is super fun.

Smart Collar –  PebbyCollar

Attach Pebby smart collar to your dog’s collar, or use it as a stand-alone collar on your pet. Built with sensors, which including 9 axis accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, RRF beacon, temperature sensor and altimeter. It will then track the motions and activity levels of your pet all day long.

Pebby collar built with LiPo battery that lasts up to 8 days in a single charge and is available in 3 sizes (small, medium and large). It connects to the Pebby app via Bluetooth and has a LED status indicator. For charging, it allows both USB or inductive wireless charging.

Pebby App

The app is available to download from iTune and GooglePlay for free. After logging in, you will have the access to the real-time camera and lots of cool features, and of course, the ability of virtually interacting with your pet anywhere in the world.

Under the setting, you can control the motion speed, planner, headlight lighting, sound volume and more. Take pictures or videos, and save it for later use! The app has an user-friendly intuitive interface, so it’ll only take less than a few minutes to learn. From the activity monitor tab, you will be able to track and learn your pet’s recent activity, active times, summary and other information in an easy-to-understand graph.

If your furry buddy is looking to play, or barking , users will receive an instant bark/nudge notification from the Pebby and you will know what to do next. It also offers a two-way audio communication, and your buddy will know that is not just a robot.

Pebby Kennel – The Wireless Charging Dock

The charging dock uses a fast inductive wireless charging technology, simply drive the ball into the hole, and leave it to charge. The magnetic align will lock the ball to the correct position in no time, and it will take roughly 90 min to fully charge up the ball.














            • Auto-follow and Auto-play.
            • Two-way communication.
            • Activity tracking with summary.
            • Bark/nudge alert notification.
            • Laser feature.


            • May not work on high-pile carpet.
            • No auto-return to charging dock when in low battery.