Raybaby Review – World’s only non-contact health & sleep monitor

Babies are beautiful and cute, but taking care of babies is an endless job. First, you need to be available 24 hours a day, even in your sleep. And always in prepared for the over and over sleepless nights, weekend or weekday. As for the first time parenting, you may even have no idea on how to deal with your crying newborn at all, such as feeding, cleaning, sanitising and health related issues.

However, most of the new daddy/mommy these days chooses to hire someone with experience to take care their babies for them. But in reality, you don’t really trust the babysitters because they’re just looking for pay, and the baby is none of their own flesh and blood.

What about getting a baby monitors? Most of the monitoring system in the market required contact to babies and is using Lithium ion battery (safety risk). So, we have came across a much safer child’s monitoring tracker that gives you a better insight of your babies, 24/7 with your own eyes.

Raybaby – non-contact health & sleep monitor

Raybaby is a toddlers and infants monitoring system that gives you a real-time tracking of your baby’s tiniest chest breathing and sleeping habits. It offers remotely observing via the non-contact monitoring even if you’re miles away. To keep you rest assured, Raybaby uses only the FDA approved components and features no radiation and no lithium ion battery which may potentially harm your child’s growth.

Without sacrificing much of your waiting or resting time, you will then have access to mobile app alerts and insight of your babies all day long. Thus, you can focus more on your task at hand.


Raybaby is designed for babies in between the age of 0-3 years old. And via the “Smart Journal” app, you will not only learn how is your babies recent doing and picture/video records, but also a timely notification and recommendation about the sleeping pattern, as well as instant emergency alerts. It tells you how long your baby has slept, rolls over, and how much more is needed. Built with speaker and high sensitive audio microphone, you can speak through while listening to the other side of the room with no obstruction.

From the Smart Journal app, you can create a beautiful collage of your child’s growth and milestones. Through the video-ing and imaging features, not only monitoring, but also record down all the beautiful moment of the growing phase.

Respiration detection

Raybaby is available in 3 colors — blue, yellow and red. Via the Ultra-Wideband (UWB) low power radio wave, It offers to keep an eye on your baby’s respiration rate with 98% of accuracy. At the same time, it’ll infer and let you know if your child has any signs and symptoms of ferver, respiration difficulty, illnesses or allergy. Just like a doctor, but 24/7.


All you need to do is set-up the Raybaby up to 2.5m away from your baby, and connect it to your smartphone via ether Wifi or Bluetooth. It will pick up every minute variation, and a simple tap will allow you to see how’s your baby doing at the moment. Raybaby has built with power supply backup that lasts for 3+ hours just in case for any unforeseen emergencies.

Buy, Price and Promotion

Raybaby is now on Kickstarter with early bird promotion starting from $99. If you find Raybaby is not helpful to you and your baby, return it within 30-days for a full refund. This product is not available yet on Amazon and eBay.














            • Track respiratory rate up to 98% accuracy.
            • Monitors sleep cycles and symptoms of illnesses, and send emergency alerts.
            • No radiation and lithium battery.
            • Real time audio-video streaming.
            • Non-contact with human body.
            • 3+ hours power backup.


            • Short lived useful lifespan — only for 0-3 y/o baby monitoring.
            • Limited to just baby-monitoring — possible to include more features such as indoor surveillance.
            • One device for one baby.