TripPro Travel Bag Review

Whenever you planned to go, business trip, vacation or even a weekend break, you always have a bag with you. But often, we have too many bags more than we can count, such as gym bag, backpack, travel bag, carry on case, and more! Did you ever wonder why would you need all that? If not, leaving your bag unused is a huge waste of money and resource.

On one hand, a great bag should have a nice look without compromising its useful features. Like most of other bags already in the market — good price, classy look, good material, well organised pockets, handy features and more.

If you concerned about security during travel, here is one of the check-in luggage with the highest security features.

But here in BoyGadgets, we ain’t here to show you those regular bags, but a way cooler one. Here is one of those that combined most features in one, highly versatile travel bag.

The TripPro travel bag – the most functional bag for everything


TripPro travel bag is one of the most feature-rich bag mentioned on BoyGadgets. Definitely pack a serious punch, this bag meant to replace all of your backpack, duffel, tote, shoulder,  messenger, sling, briefcase and travel bag in one. It is affordable, classy look, safe and secure, and design to keep your belongings for a trip from 2 days up to 2 weeks.

Similar to those expensive bag in the market, but only cost a quarter.

Design and Specification

Made of weather- and slash-proof ballistic nylon, TripPro is slightly larger than regular backpack in size. It’s only 3 lbs (1.4 kg) in weight and has a dimension of 12.6 x 7.8 x 19.7 inches (L x W x H). TripPro travel bags come in 3 options — TripPro Daypack, TripPro Lite and TripPro Pro.

The bags have a capacity volume of 45 litre.

The ergonomic design, shape and breathable back padding reduces the stress on your back and shoulder, and adding extra comfort to your daily commute. Splashes of drink, dirt or food stain? Worry not, the fabric is easy to clean with using a damp cloth.

There’re three handles in total, so you can switch into different mode as you like. Thanks to the adjustable sternum strap design, you can walk or run with this bag even if you’re in a hurry.

For extra strength and durability, TripPro bags have triple stitches on its holders and stress areas.

Pockets and Compartment

Each bag has lots of pockets and compartment as well as some other useful features, including:

  • Laundry bag
  • Notebook pocket
  • Jacket holder
  • Water bottle pocket
  • Laptop pocket
  • RFID pocket
  • Hidden back pocket
  • 2 strap pockets
  • Internat pocket


Beside of slash proof, TripPro offers metal wire coil cable that connects main zippers together to the nearest pole or stand, making pickpockets or sneaky thieving off the bag much harder. With that, you can lock all your external pockets in just 1 second, and lock to anything solid support for extra safety. No pockets are vulnerable!

To protect your important information such as credit card and passport from being stolen by RFID theft, TripPro integrated a RFID blocking pocket for you to keep all the unwanted troubles away.

Also, pockets and pouches are designed in such a way that appears in minimal. For example, the hidden zippers, hide-away pouches, and hidden pockets design all over the bag.

Convenient features

TripPro allows you to charge your laptop, notebook or phone without needing to pull the whole things out. Simply pull out the cable from the easy-access inner pocket to your nearest socket for charging. For phones, if you’re using a retractable cable the result would be much better.

Similarly, there’s no need to fumble around for your key anymore, TripPro has an in-built retractable wire for your house key and car key.

On its shoulder straps, you will have multiple small pocket holders for quick access to sunglasses, pen, cards, cash, keys, phone and earphone.

In addition, you will get headphone clip and jacket holder over its side pocket to get the most out of your daily essential.

Packing Cube

Having to pack and organise your weeks-long clothes and stuff is a big hassle. TripPro bags come with 3-level hangable bag for you to pack or unpack your shirts in a matter of seconds. Hang it on hotel wardrobe, you’re good to go!

The odourless compression laundry bag gives you more room and space for your dirty clothes. Also, you will get a toiletry bag and shoe bag.

TripPro also provides a removable hip belt that doubles as a travel money belt for cash, change, or any important valuables within your reach.

Price and Discount

TripPro travel bag is now available for just $79 under their promotional package. Early birds can save up to 50% discount off their future retailing price. you can check the latest price via the link below to the campaign, and grab one of these useful bags!

TripPro Travel Bag

TripPro Travel Bag












            • Very affordable.
            • 30 over useful features.
            • Theft-proof features.
            • Hangable 3-level packing cube.
            • Water and slash proof.


            • Lack of style and color options.
            • Similar product in the market.