Gravity Blanket Review

Having a good night sleep is important to physical and mental well-being. As we spent one-third of our lives sleeping, the time is not wasted but to restore most of your lost energy. Many of us underestimated the importance of a restful sleep. It regulates your physiological and psychological state, and reset back to zero again. Therefore, you’ll feel delightful the next morning.

For most of us however, we can’t always get a perfect undisturbed sleep. Disturbances such as noise, stress, medical condition, hangover and insomnia lead us to a bad quality sleep. And a bad sleep does not just interrupting your life, but also affects your productivity and emotions.

There’re several way to improve your sleep. One cool tech gadgets has recently been mentioned in BoyGadgets, a sunrise pillow that wakes your up naturally.

On one hand, our fascinating science findings bringing us another great invention.

A weighted blanket.

Gravity: The Weighted Blanket for Sleep, Stress and Anxiety


Gravity is a weighted blanket designed at about 10% of your body weight. According to the research studies that have been done, a weighted heavier blanket makes you sleep better, more relaxing and get into deep sleep quicker. Many have experienced some phenomenal improvement after using this blanket. If you are the one who always have trouble sleeping, try this.

There’s no magic about this blanket, just science.

Cozy material

Gravity Blanket is weighted with high density poly-pellets, which made of high density polyethylene, a non-toxic and durable fillings that suitable for kid and pet use. It results in an evenly distribution of grid-pattern pressure across your body, and you will feel like someone hugging over you.

“Protected” or “shielded”, by some.

Covered by premium grade ultra-soft micro plush fleece, the outer cover is removable and washable. Unzipping to the inner, which made of 100% cotton, the inner dense shell is soft compressible layer of fabric. Also, it uses breathable material for a cooler experience.

“It’s like Advil PM for your whole body.”

The science

There’re numbers of research studies have proved the effects of weighted blanket, studies such as positive effects of weighted blankets on insomnia, weighted blankets and sleep in autistic children, deep sleep stimulation with weighted blanket, and more.

In overall, weighted blanket reduces stress, anxiety, and promoting deep relaxation. Simulating being hugged, it puts your nerves in rest and stimulates the secretion of serotonin and melatonin — the hormones that regulate sleep and mood. At the same time, reduces cortisol (the stress hormone) level and hasten the entering of REM sleep cycle.

In similar manner, hospital and nursing home use weighted blanket for patients too.

Also on Forbes — Weighted Blanket Can Help More Than Just Sleep Problems.

Choose your Gravity Weighted Blanket

100 – 150 lbs — 15 lbs.
150 – 200 lbs — 20 lbs.
200+ lbs — 25 lbs.

There are 3 options of Gravity blanket. Depends on your weight, you can choose the weighted blanket in between 7% – 12% of your body weight.

Price and discount

Gravity weighted blanket is now available for just $169. Each blanket is expected to retail for $279, under this campaign you can save up to 53% off future retail price. Amount is limited, check the link below to their official Kickstarter campaign and get hugged.

Gravity Weighted Blanket

Gravity Weighted Blanket












            • A "hugging" blanket of 7% - 12% of body weight.
            • Increases relaxation and reduces stress.
            • Premium material — ultra-soft micro plush fleece.
            • Grid-pattern with evenly distribution of pressure.
            • Inner shell 100% cotton.
            • Removable and washable outer cover.


            • Higher price.
            • Lack of selection (colours, sizes and styles).