BarkBath Review – The Portable Dog Bath System

As a dog owner, we love to keep our dog clean, fresh and smell good. But in reality, you will never have a day without a mess when washing for your dogs. They simply hate taking baths, and probably will never understand why do humans bath. Regardless, bathe for your dog is important for your family’s health too. Their long hairs promotes the growth of germs, and if you let your dog running in your house/room or even on your bed, you should be washing them more frequently.

But washing your four-legged friends is never an easy task. If he come back home with a body full of mud and dirt, washing means splattering and splashing all over you and your toilet as well, that’s what makes every owners frustrating about. However, there are a few tips for new and experienced owners to groom their dog properly.

Meanwhile, if you looking for a better and easier way to wash your dog, here is a mind-blowing way  to groom your dog without mess.

BarkBath – by Bissell

BarkBath is a revolutionary dog’s cleaning system for dog owners. It is a portable vacuum-like cleaner with special nozzle to clean dirt beneath the fur, and capture back the dirty water into a separate tank. Also, it is time-saving and uses 50 times less water in compare to traditional way of cleaning.

Water and Time saving

To wash a 80 pounds dog in bath tub, you probably need to use up to 19 gallons of water. But with BarkBath, it only takes 48 oz of water to get the job done. And the best part, the whole cleaning process will be fast and easy with no mess at all. Under a few minute, you have already done the cleaning. Since water will be capture back to the system, it makes drying up the dog’s fur much quicker.



Along with the BarkBath package, you will get a no-rinse shampoo (16oz). The special formulated solution is pH balanced and no alcohol in it. Therefore, leaving your dogs feeling comfortable with a light scent of mulberry. Just wash and go, no rinsing needed.

Dogs with Long Hairs

BarkBath works on both long and short haired dogs. The bath tool contains four fur’s separation units and 4 nozzles, the units is adjustable to separate the hairs (both long and short) so that the water jet can shot right onto the skin but not on the furs. And the suction cup (right after the nozzles) captures the dirty water back to a separate tank. It sucks up animals dander, dust, accumulates effectively.

BarkBath Portable Dog Bath System

BarkBath Portable Dog Bath System












            • Cleaning accumulations beneath the fur.
            • Water saving - 50x less water.
            • Fast and no mess/splash.
            • No rinsing needed (shampoo).
            • Works on long and short haired dog.


            • Loud noise (like vacuum) may scare your dog.
            • Does not work on other small sized pet, cat e.g.