E-Case Review

One of the biggest threat to traveller is losing their luggage in the foreign country. Miles away from the comfort home, most of their important item are kept inside the only travel companion. Losing them means lose track of connections, valuables and you’re all by yourself.

However, lots of luggage in the market are not made in theft-proof nor optimise for security purpose. If you’ve been to high risk countries like Brazil and Spain, you should always keep an eye on your essential, or alternatively, outsmart the pickpockets/thieves by technology. Those thieves are mostly from a connected underground organization with careful planning to ambush around the certain places, even worse, protected by local authorities.

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Sometimes being watchful isn’t enough, as we have came across myriads of smart tech luggages, here is a notably Check-in baggage that is almost impossible to lose.

E-CASE – First Smart Check-in Luggage With Real GPS


E-case is a smart technology Check-in luggage that offers high security features to peace your mind. The main aspect of this case is its real-time GPS tracking and multiple unlocking system via app, fingerprint or sms. Also, E-case features a built-in scale (no heavy lifting) which makes airport security a breeze. E-case offers 3 sizes (2 Check-in and 1 carry-on), proximity alert (via app), tamper-proof zippers, two years free service, and a battery life that lasts up to 10 days.

Airline Security Compliance

E-case is globally patented (2012), TSA compliant and made compatible with airline regulations worldwide. If the airline security confiscate or disable the luggage for some reason, the company guarantee that will repair or replace you a new bag at no charge.


Made of polycarbonate and polyester lining with 3 mesh pockets, E-case is lightweight, durable and tough for long-term use. It’s available in 3 sizes as shows in the table below:

E-Case Sizes Dimension Weight Volume
20″ Carry On 22 x 14 x 9.2 inches 7.9 lbs 32 litre
Check-in 24″ 26.6 x 18.5 x 10.4 inches 9.9 lbs 58 litre
Check-in 29″ 31.5 x 21 x 12 inches 11.5 lbs 90 litre

Built with 3000 mAh rechargeable lithium ion battery that lasts for about 240 hr (or 10 days) in normal use. The 20″ carry-on built with an extra 12000 mAh power bank for external use. It is compatible with iOS and Android devices via Bluetooth BR/EDR/BLE (Dual Mode). For digital locking system, it can be done by Bluetooth, fingerprint or sms. For more spec detail, go to E-case campaign page.

E-case is available in multiple colors — black, navy blue, rose gold, mint and teal.

Real GPS Tracking

E-case equipped with advanced in-built GPS system that syncs to your smartphone to pinpoint the exact location of the luggage. In case of thief ran off with it (away from Bluetooth range), not only receiving an instant alert, but also allows to tracking down the location anywhere in the world. Moreover, you will learn exactly where your bag has been going via the footprint feature on the app. As in compliant to airline regulation to disable GSM signal before the plane takeoff, and only resume afterward, E-case able to track the real-time movement mapping and footprint of the luggage.

E-case has a light-vibration sensor to know if the bag is in the air, so that to switch off the GSM signal in compliant with TSA and worldwide airline regulations.

Most other smart luggage’s GPS in market only offers one-time RFID (Radio-frequency Identification) positioning signal. Where it can only receive the signal at a last checkpoint location (as in XXX airport) and did nothing if the baggage loses in the process. For instance, if the baggage did not get onto a plane, or lost at the destination point.

E-case, on the other hand, provides a complete movement tracking of your luggage so that you can worry less about the belongings and enjoy more on your vacation.

Built-in Scale

Most other smart luggages in the market provides a handle scale that requires lifting and are usually weak and fragile for a few uses. E-case comes with a smart in-built scale in the wheel which does not need heavy lifting, simply open the app and you will know the exact weight in pounds or kilograms.

Proximity Detection and Multiple Locking System

By connecting your smartphone with E-case, you will receive an instant notification if your luggage is out of your sight or tampered by someone. Altogether with the real-time GPS tracking, you can track down to the location of where you bag goes if get stolen by thieves.

Another great feature by E-case is the unlocking system, once the luggage is locked, it can be unlocked by 3 ways — via the mobile app, fingerprint and sms. Through the in-built fingerprint readers, it stores up to 16 fingerprints at once. So you can literally unlock your luggage miles away for your friends, family or clients.

In addition, you can also set the E-case to temporarily unlock, and automatic re-lock again once passes through the security check.

App and Free Service

The E-case app can be downloaded from Apple App Store and Google Play. And you will need to insert the specific provided ID and device Sim code to pair to your smartphone. Once everything set up, you can have your next trip with peace of mind. Also, E-case provides a free 2 years service, which cost you $9.99 in the following year.


Each E-case is equipped with 3000 mAh rechargeable lithium battery that lasts for 10 days from a single charge. It conserves energy by switching to sleep mode when not in use. For carry-on model, it has an additional removable 12,000 mAh power bank, which can fully charge up your iPhone 7 for about 6 times.

Price, Discount and Warranty

The price of E-case starts from just $245, early backers will get a huge discount rate up to 54%. Each E-case (20″, 24″ and 29″) will be expected to retail at $489, $549 and $609, respectively. The amount is limited however, visit the link below to their official Kickstarter campaign to check the availability.

Upon purchase, you will get a 5-year warranty for each E-case; And 1-year for the electronic modules. Additionally, a 2-year free annual service which later cost $9.99 each year.

Further, If the airline security, for some reason, confiscated or disabled your bag, E-case company will repair or replace you a new one for free.

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            • Real-time GPS tracking with footprint mapping.
            • No-lift built-in scale.
            • 3 Unlocking method — fingerprint, mobile app, sms.
            • Proximity detection and instant alert.
            • Long battery life — 10 days.
            • Warranty — 5 years on case, 1 year on electronic modules, and 2 years free annual service.