EcoQube Frame Review: BEST vertical garden for veggies & succulents

Eating healthy is not easy nowadays. On the dilemma side of getting better technology, we hope our food can still be nature to our children but the reality is the other way round. Excessive usage of pesticides, fertiliser and introducing of GMOs (genetic modified crops) have long been a controversial issue in public. Regardless, to cope with increasing demands and production rates, organic food is on the high-end verge of natural food.

As a hobby, some people love to plant a little garden in their backyard. It doesn’t makes you a huge supply chain of food however, but to add some fun as well as satisfaction. Since most of the areas are usually not over-planted and are providing with adequate nutritions, self made garden will usually produce higher value of organic food than those in the market. But the process is time consuming and too little food to feed the whole family.

If you live in a condominium, you may not have extra space for your gardening’s dream. For that, getting some indoor plants will make your house greener and livelier. There are a number of indoor gardening options in the market today. Instead of getting some fake plastic plants, which nobody likes, you can get yourself a smart herb garden that gives you the most natural organic food with little effort. It also double as a plant decoration, or food on the table.

However, indoor hydroponic system has its own con side too. A bad system will introduce pest, smell, mold, and leaves a mess after a long weekend of empty house. Here we have a good hassle-free system for you.

EcoQube Frame

EcoQube is an indoor vertical garden for small veggies and succulents with low maintenance effort. Unlike other indoor gardening systems, EcoQube features a minimal effort water reservoir without worrying over- or under-watering. It uses capillary action to absorb water upward slowly for the seed to germinate. EcoQube Frame can be a standing decorative or hang it on the wall for a more beautiful display anywhere in your house.


Made of acrylic and bamboo, EcoQube Frame is a 11.5″ x 8.9″ x 3″ planting system with a water reservoir capacity of 0.5L. The water level indication allows easy checking and refilling of the water. Each seed pads contain over hundred of pockets and you can plant your own micro-veggies too. It supports a variety of micro-veggies. The seed pad is one time uses, not pre-sprayed with fungicide and is biodegradable.


Low maintenance no mess

Except water, all requirement are already provided in this little frame, no soil, lights, ingredient or other conditions needed for it to work, while you can enjoy and harvest your little success all year round. EcoQube Frame uses a 100% compostable fibres frame that provides an ideal environment for the seeds to grow into beautiful plants in just 10 days. Since its almost no maintenance needed, you can have the cleanest way of gardening.

What is Micro-veggies?

You can grow a variety of micro-veggies in this system effortlessly simply by adding seeds into the predesigned seed pads and wait it until fully grown. Micro-veggies is a high-end premium product than regular veggies. It is often selling for about $30 – $50 due to their high nutritional value (up to 40x), and thus more expensive in compare to their regular counterparts veggies. While with EcoQube Frame, you can literally pay the system itself from just planting 1-2 times of premium micro-veggies that worth $40 in less than 3 weeks. Not to mention, it’s almost a set-and-forget system that harvest at the end of the 10th day. The premium veggies you produced is pesticide-free, fresher, more nutritions, available all year round, and can be a modern decoration in your house.

The previous product in the company

As the forth Kickstarter product from Aqua Design Innovations, EcoQube C Aquarium and EcoQube Air have both raised more than $600,000. Similar to this, they all share the modern look and excellent functionality in improving the quality of life. While on this time, it just took less than 4 days until project is fully funded on Kickstarter.

“Good merchandise, even hidden, soon finds buyers” – Plautus

Price and When to receive?

EcoQube is now on Kickstarter starts from just $37. And, you can enjoy up to 46% huge discount off future retailing price. The seed pad replacement (with seeds) is $1.99 each, you can learn more upon purchase. Backers are expected to receive EcoQube Frame by December 2017. As this product is not yet available on Amazon and eBay, below is the link to their official Kickstarter campaign.

EcoQube Frame

EcoQube Frame












            • No mess or maintenance.
            • No fertiliser, lighting and soil needed.
            • Seed pads features capillary action to prevent over- or under-watering.
            • No soil born pests.
            • Supports a variety of micro-veggies.


            • Similar product in the market.
            • Not reusable seed pad.