PAQSULE Review: The Only Bag with O3 + UV-C Cleaning Technology

There are a myriad of sports bags with variety designs in the market. For example, small gym bag, duffel bag, drawstring sack, backpack, and more. For different purposes, you use a separate bag for sport activities such as yoga and gym. You don’t use the same bag because of the disgusting stinky smell everytime after you exercise, while washing has no effect on it, and you may not have any good way to get rid of that either. Here is 6 simple way you can do to keep your sporty bag fresh.

Why does sweat smell bad?

Some of you may have bad sweat smell, and some of you don’t. Let’s break down a little bit, there are some factors that influences the smell including ages, diet, genetic, gender and medication condition. While your sweat itself is actually odorless, but it’s due to your sweat contain certain proteins which are then broken down into acids by bacteria living on the skin. Resulting in the unpleasant body odor from armpits, feet, genitals, etc.

The “anti-smell” Bag

Unfortunately, there are no “anti-smell” sports bags available in the store just yet. Most of the bags for exercise is designed with holes and meshes for better air circulation. Also, you have to wash it regularly, disinfect manually and keep your sweaty clothes separate. Alternatively, you may want to consider get yourself some air purifying bags to remove the odor and moisture.

Wait a minute, there is a new and cool sports bags with auto-cleaning system called Paqsule.

PAQSULE Bag – The Self-Cleaning Bag

Paqsule is a self-cleaning bag for sport activists and travellers. It keeps your bag fresh and germs-free with two sanitising systems — chemical-free activated oxygen (O3) and Ultraviolet technology (UV-C). With just a push of button, or via the mobile app, you can control to clean any clothing/item inside the bag.

How does cleaning system works?

A little bit about science, Paqsule uses electrical charge to activate oxygen molecules (O2) into activated oxygen or ozone (O3). By having an extra charged oxygen makes it relative unstable, and therefore is an excellent oxidising agent. Which mean it donates negative charge and return back to a more stable O2 stage, the substance (refer to bacteria) that received charges will get destroyed in the process. Thus, it kills off the germs inside the bag compartment.

For UV-C technology, it is know an ultraviolet germicidal irradiation whereby uses short-wavelength high-energy ultraviolet light (UV-C) to eliminate microorganisms.

As we mentioned above, bacteria breaks down the protein in your sweat into acids which contributes to the unpleasant smell. Thereby eliminating the germs, these process deodorizes the clothes.


The battery is rechargeable and lasts for 10 000 working hours. For every single full-charge, you will have 72 hours of cleaning process. Via the mobile app, you can choose your desire cleaning cycle on-the-go. There are 3 option of cycles available — 15min, 25min and 35min. Designed for lifetime uses, it offers over 17,000 times of cleaning to take place.

Paqsule is TSA complied and FDA approved.

Built with lots of pockets and compartment, it has a padded compartment for 15″ laptop.  On its side, it has a handy built-in USB charging station for your devices. And also a phone pocket for your phone to slip-in snugly. For outdoor uses, Paqsule made of water-proof material with a shoes compartment to keep your smelly shoes isolated before cleaning it. Additionally, it comes with a removable toiletry bag to keep all your shampoos and toiletry with ease.

The bag weights 4 pounds (1.8 kg) and is spacious for most of your common belongings, including basketball, boxing gloves, travel pillow, clothing, shoes, laptop and more. Although it looks small, Paqsule is able to carry four days volume of clothes, there is a demo video on their Kickstarter page (link below).

What’s more, this bag has lots of pockets and compartment which we didn’t mention here (i.e. transit card stash pocket, organiser pocket, etc), check them out to learn more.

Price and Buy

Paqsule is now on Kickstarter with free shipping within US. It will be retailed at $350, but you can get a discounted price now for just $229 (special price for early birds), including a 2-years warranty of the product.

Paqsule Bag

Paqsule Bag












            • In-built UV-C system and O3 activated oxygen sanitising system.
            • Rechargeable and long lasting battery (72 hrs per charge).
            • Lots of handy compartment and pocket.
            • Weather and water proof.
            • USB charging station for electronic devices.


            • Too many load (on one side) may block the O3 and UV-C cleaning's system.
            • Must be closed during cleaning process, as long exposure is harmful to human.