The Sunrise Smart Pillow Review: Sleep Smart. Wake Naturally

We spent one third of our life sleeping, but one of the most difficult thing in life is to wake up in the morning. A good sleep can fully restore your energy for the hours to come, while an interrupted sleep or waking at the wrong phase can be harmful as no sleep at all. To solve it, we must firstly understand the stages of our sleep phase. A complete sleep cycle consists of 5 stages — 1, 2, 3, 4, and REM (rapid eye movement) whereby each takes about 100 minutes. Throughout the night, you will go through 4 to 5 times sleep cycles and once your body gets enough sleep, it wakes up naturally.

Most of the time, there are many unfavourable factors causes us not able to sleep at the exact time for the cycles to set in. For example, you may need to take care of babies, getting up from the noises, a bad dream, starving, etc. At the end, you woke up (alarm clock) in the middle of the sleep cycles, and your day ruined by your tiredness and poor productivity. On the other hand, lack of sleep affects your health too, it increases blood pressure, weight gain, heart disease, unable to concentrate, and even early mortality.

With today’s technology, there are dozens of solutions that helps to improve sleep quality. Out of those, one has gained, by far, the most attention with lots of positive feedback — FitBit fitness and sleep tracking in one. For 2017 however, here we have a pillow integrated smart sunrise-alarm to wake you up every morning naturally.

The Sunrise Smart Pillow

The Sunrise Pillow is a smart pillow that wakes you up with light and sound. It features gently glowing lights from red to yellow, and kickstarts your body hormones so that you don’t feel groggy in the morning. Also, it tracks your sleep activity over the week, giving sleep scores, improvement and so on. Not just waking you up, Sunrise Pillow also put you to sleep via various of sounds such as fan sounds, nature sounds, audio books, binaural beats, etc. What’s more, this pillow has white light for reading and blue light to fight fatigue as well as to increase focus.


Sunrise Pillow uses environmental-friendly Tencel fabric (from wood cellulose) to give you a softer and cooler (micro-vented) experience of sleeping. Made of aerated memory form, the pillow offers a maximal comfort with breathable pillowcase. The zipper cover is washable and is hypoallergenic to skin. Without interfering your sleep, the electrical components invisibly integrated into the pillow.

There are two choices of pillow shape — the classic and contour mastermind. Upon purchase, you can choose from which that fit you the most, via the survey.


Remote Control

The system is designed to control by either your iOS or Android device, or uses a provided remote control as an alternative. The controller provides a simple interface to adjust the volume, light and snooze. A hidden pocket in the pillow keeps the controller. Also, the remote control allows you to recharge your smart pillow via a Micro-USB.

Sunrise – The Rising Light

The most nature way is not just wake your brain up, but also to your body as well. You can set it from 5 minutes up to 30 minutes before the time, Sunrise Pillow will simulate a full sunrise effect from red to yellow. You body (eyes) reacts to light and stop producing Melatonin (sleep hormone), therefore you don’t feel tired waking up in the morning. Along with the sounds or music of your choice, you will be able to wake up without feeling sleepy.

Music and Smart Alarm

Sunrise Pillow, doubles as a smart alarm, kickstart your day at the end of the sleep cycle. For a more restful sleep, It detects and track your sleep cycle according to your biological clock and wake you up 15 minute before your set alarm time. For example, you set your alarm time at 7am, but Sunrise Pillow  knows that you will be having a light sleep at 6.40am, so instead of letting you go into deep sleep and wake you up later, it wakes you during light sleep to ensure you will be having a better performance in workplace. At the end, you will receive a sleep score for each day, and you will learn how to sleep better throughout the month.

Tracking and Sleep Score

Via the Smart Pillow mobile app, you will be given a sleep score every day. The pillow detects how constant of your sleep cycle, fluctuation, and knows when you get disturbed. The activity will then shows in an analysis, the score reflects your sleep quality which affected by number of factors including alcohol, stay up late, disturbance, exercise, etc. With that info, you can improve your sleep by making adjustment or follows the recommendations given by the system.

For instance, you’ve got low score for the last Sunday because of hanging out with friend till late night. But you didn’t realise until you noticed that the next few days performance weren’t as good, and you finally check your sleep history via the Sunrise Pillow app. Therefore, making adjustment from that onwards. Also, you can track the history back to months ago, and get any useful data for reference.

Put you to Sleep Fast

Similar to lullaby’s effect, Sunrise Smart Pillow helps you to get into deep sleep too. It uses various of sounds such as binaural beats, fan sounds, sound conditioner, nature sounds, audiobook and guide mediation. Notably, you can select the audiobook of your choice and listen until you fall asleep, once detected, the device will then turn off automatically.

White and Blue Light Technology

Did you know that the color of light may affect your workplace efficiency? Commonly known as warm, natural and white light, the warmer and dimmer the light (2700K – 3000K), the more comfortable and relaxing for resting. Whist the cooler the light (5500K – 6500K), the more productive and helps you to focus on your task, such as reading and writing.

By taking advantages of these, Sunrise Pillow uses an intermediate blue light (clinically proven) to suppress your body production of Melatonin (sleep hormone) and improve your alertness, focus and mood after a lunch break. So, you can take a quick nap, and wake up in full refreshed.

Price and Early Discount Rate

Starts from just $99, early backers can enjoy a huge discount up to 66% off retail. Each Sunrise Pillow is expected to be selling at $299 in future. The amount is limited, if you are interested, feel free to check the availability via the link below to their official Kickstarter campaign page.

The Sunrise Smart Pillow

The Sunrise Smart Pillow












            • Wake up by sunrise (lights) and sounds effect.
            • Tracking sleep activity via app.
            • Sleep score and improvement.
            • Deep sleep technology
            • Blue light technology - boost mood and focus.
            • Night reading white light.


            • Sleep partner may get affected.
            • Similar product in the market.