Ninja Backpack – 1st with Hidden Expansion Bag and Zipper

Finding the best backpack for your study, hiking, business or travel trip can be a challenging task. That is because we all born to have different opinion and needs even toward the same product. So, there is no one-size-fit-all when it comes to comfy backpack, what’s good for others may or may not suit you.

Finding a best backpack

But as for me, salesperson doesn’t always tell you the true. The thumb of rule is to stay calm, don’t rush for buying just yet, and to determine what’s that for and compare it with 2-3 similar product under the same categories.

At the end of the day, research throughly to take all the quality, appearance, functionality, reviews and price into consideration. Sort out the bad, and you should be able to find your best one.

Spacious backpack

As for these day, popular backpack are conveniently loaded with pockets and rooms. The spacious and elegant one in the market is always on the hottest trend. Here we have reviewed a real spacious backpack called Ninja Backpack.

Ninja Backpack

Ninja backpack is a minimalist backpack for collage student and professional. It has lots of hidden features (that’s why ninja), which including hidden zipper, pocket and a pullout expansion that almost double the capacity.


This project is carried out by a team of collage student and young professionals who have family business in bag manufacturing. In just in a couple of month, they came out with design and handmade prototypes. Ninja Backpack team also works with partner who is an OEM factory for Swiss Gear, thus they are confident in delivering backpack to backers on time.

The project was launched on Jan 11, 2017. They are doing some big promotions with limited unit, if you are interested you can check out the link below to their Kickstarter page.

Multiple Pocket and compartment

  • Front zipper pocket
  • External back bottom and side zipper pockets
  • Inside padded pocket for laptop and tablet
  • Inside hidden compartment – 1 zipper pocket, 2 bottle holders, 2 pockets, 3 elastic bands
  • Inner zipper separation liner with 5 pockets
  • Two shoulder straps zipper pockets for transit or credit cards

Ergonomic design

Long hours of wearing may cause uncomfortable over the shoulder. Similar to others, it has thick back paddings and cooling air flow pattern to reduce the stresses and back you up all the time.

Hidden expansion bag

Worrying about the volume it can carry? Built with traveller in mind, Ninja Backpack has a thoughtful secret expansion bag section that can be zipped at the bottom of the bag.

It is made of lightweight nylon and has a capacity of 15 litres. When needed an extra room, the useful expansion bag can be pulled out and attached over to the hardened steel hook on the straps. Watch the video for demonstration.

Anti-theft features

To keep your essentials out of furtive thieves, the ninja does its stealthy work too. The backpack built with many small pockets and covered compartment. It smartly hiding the noticeable compartment, and cover them with zipper cover to make sure finding the zipper is harder than playing Candy Crush.


Think about using your card, charging your phone, slipping your sun glasses in this bag? Yes, the bag does it all. With the built-in USB power port, you can insert your power bank easily in the inner compartment and charge your phone on-the-go!

Over the back side of the backpack, it has an easy access external zipper pocket for valuables like your wallet, keys or phone.

Even the two of the shoulder straps have zipper pockets, you then can conveniently slip-in your cards and make subway transit in the blink of an eye.


Although its not fully submersible in the water like Helixot Backpack, the backpack is made of Oxford canvas and nylon lining design to provide certain level of water proof for all your items.

They are now giving a free shipping worldwide.

A $10 dollars tool card will be added into the order for free, if any backers share their Kickstarter campaign and leave a comment.

Where to buy

They are now on heavy early bird promotion (only 100 units) starting as low as just $65 dollars (50% off retail) in price with free shipping worldwide. It has two available colors — Black and grey (*** and red color in limited edition). If you are interested to buy the backpack, feel free to check out their Kickstarter page via the link below.

Ninja Backpack

Ninja Backpack











            Customer Feedback



              • High capacity with hidden expansion bag
              • Multiple Pocket and compartment
              • Well thought minimalist design and packs of convenient features
              • Anti-theft zipper cover
              • Water proof


              • Added bulky if the expansion bag is in used
              • Less in design